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New module installed


New module’s replaced old one.

The 6.2 module introduced 3db receiving sensitivity improvements and less harmonics comparing to version 1.1.


New version of QCZEK LRS firmware available


Time to release new firmware 🙂

What’s new:

  • support for old and new modules (hw version 1.1 for old, and 6.2 for new one)
  • firmware compiled with -odM4 flag which disable faulty optimization
  • serial port speed can be set
  • new telemetry mode is available, you can directly connect uBlox GPS and use it.
  • new parameter timeToFS making possible to setup time to fail save activation
  • single servo mode, first channel value could be output as standard 50Hz servo PPM signal. It make possible to control single servo directly from receiver.

You can download it from download page.