5.8GHz antennas measured

I always wonder, how different are all the antennas you can but on banggood, or aliexpress, and finally i can check it using my simple sweep analyzer.

That’s all I found in my drawer, including my very fist DIY helical antenna.

First I used 50 ohm dummy load to determine error which is of course not zero because VTX produce different RF output depending on frequency, and directional coupler is not ideal 🙂

Next i measure all the antenna, correct measured values, using previously determined error values.

Te results look like following.


The patch antenna dimensions:

9 thoughts on “5.8GHz antennas measured

  1. Hi Kris, thank you for the measurements. Can you please denote the tested antennas somehow? For example, it is not clear which Realacc is which.

    1. Hi,
      From Left to right
      Immersion RC spiroNET
      Realacc Pagoda
      Realacc 5.8G 5dBi Pagoda
      Leaf blue
      Clover black
      helical DIY


  2. Really nice project.

    I was looking some 5,8 GHz testing for FPV antennas and I found you post. Very interesting, and useful.
    Not now, but, and I will try to do it. Can I rewrite you post in spanish for my web? Of course I will referer you, .

    Thank for your project.

  3. Hello again,

    I can’t find any cheap directional coupler over 25€ for 5.8GHz.
    Can you show me the light? Without it I will not be able to do your project.

    Thank you!!!!

  4. can you place photo of the “patch” with a ruler , want to try to make myself but can not find the size or squares , also the thinness of the PCB


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