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  1. The problem of connecting to the configuration tool remained even after reducing the port speed to 4800 bps when connecting USB Serial TX –> Module RX and USB Serial RX –> Module TX. But if you connect according to the scheme USB Serial TX –> Module AUX and USB Serial RX –> Module TX, the connection and reading of data occurs without problems. I would be very grateful if you fix this bug in the next firmware version for the TX module.

    1. Please do me a favour, and disconnect RX from radio sbus output and try then again using AUX as RX, TX as TX.

      1. It is in this version, where AUX is used as RX, that everything works well. Does not work in the standard version, where RX is used as RX, I would like this option to work too. I would be very grateful to you!

  2. good day! Your project is very interesting for me! I used the lora E32 915t30s module for the receiver. I soldered the antenna to the Board, and the resistor going to ipex is not soldered. after that, I fed 3.3 v to the firmware connector and flashed the module. after that, I rewired the resistor and turned on the module(fed 5v power to the main pin). could the module then burn?

  3. Permanent “Telemetry lost” ->3 sec -> “Telemetry recovered” -> 1 sec -> “Telemetry lost” on Taranis. (v2.0 configurated as you written in Qczek LRS 2.0 – APM config)

  4. Hi, finally the 2 modules have arrived and I have already flashed the fw 2.0.0, I have configured both the tx module and the rx module as per guide. I am using a frsky r-xsr rx to send the input to the tx 433. My problem is that the led of the tx 433 module stays on and the rx module is in FS. I checked the pairing code several times and in both modules I have the same value. Where am I wrong?

      1. Hi, Kris! I’m having the same problem. After disabling telemetry, the TX blinks twice a second and doesn’t respond to sbus from frsky x8r.
        The connection with the receiver is still not established.

  5. Hi. I have already assembled a transmitter for 915 MHz with a power of 1 W and began to assemble a receiver, but with a power of 0.1 W. During the flashing, I realized that there is no firmware for 915 MHz and 0.1 W. What should I do?

  6. Tried to configure under fsi a6 b but there is no connection between the transmitter and receiver yet. FSI A6 b receiver to LRS transmitter module, LRS receiver to matec f411-wing. I have been fighting for two days and can’t establish a connection (I tried it as in the picture, but then the led on the LRS transmitter was continuously lit and it did not enter the configuration mode)

      1. Good time!
        I have the same problem.
        Yellow modules at 868mHz 1 wat and receiver and transmitter.
        The firmware version and the configurator version – 2.0
        Matek f 411 wse sees sbus all channels from the 868 receiver module.
        Project – repeater: flysky ia6 equipment, firmware for 14 channels.
        The mode on the equipment on sbus is set. (If the receiver fs ia10b or fs ia10 is connected to the model on a straight line – everything works perfectly on sbus)
        if the receiver fs ia10b or fs ia10 connects to the transmitting module 868 – there is no control.
        The LED on transmitter 868 is constantly on.
        I made all the settings in the configurator (2.0) according to your instructions from the site.
        Can you tell me what the problem is? I have a great desire to use your work and the capabilities of products precisely in the relay mode.
        Do you want an inverted sbus at the input of transmitter 868? Thats the only thing I havent experienced yet.
        Thank ‘th

    1. Now I tried version 1.91 with CPM and configured the channel transfer (fsi a6 b as a repeater) to work. But version 1.91 with sbus has not yet earned (most likely you can not stick the rx pin directly, it does not perceive as I understood, and I have not tried using the inverter yet).

      What I tried in the rs 2.0 version, the led on both the transmitter and receiver just blinked twice a second when I tried to connect sbus with fs-ia6b directly

  7. At the same time, matik f411 wing sees the FSI A6 b receiver via SBUS (that is, the sbus on the receiver is configured correctly)

  8. Can I use E32 433t30d to connect to stlink and only need to connect RST GND swim VCC to burn the program? Why does my STVP show no connection

    1. Sorry, I bought the wrong chip, e32-433t20dc. What kind of firmware can I use for a 100MW chip

  9. Is the signal of e32-ttl100 chip e32-433t20dt? I seem to have bought the wrong e32-433t20dc

  10. Hello, what kind of 100MW module can use qrls? I bought two kinds of modules: E32 433t20dc, E32 400t20s 3B. Firmware cannot be flashed, only 1W e32433t30d can be used

  11. Built on modules E32-868T30S and E32-868T30D, all flashed without problems, connected immediately. But during operation, it periodically loses connection at 0 (100% loss) and immediately recovers at 100% (0% loss).during this time, failsave (1s) is enabled. Where to find the problem ?

  12. Hi.
    Why ppm cut off? Why not have non inverted sbus input? Why need channel filtering if 2.x dont have ppm (values always jumping +-3)
    Transparent mode working?

  13. You should test it outdoors, the receiver should be farther from the transmitter. At least that’s what they say

  14. Now ebyte’s t30d and t20d modules have been upgraded. The MCU used by China Huada can’t write firmware

  15. MCU does not use stm8, using the MCU of China Huada, can not use STM way to burn firmware, please contact me, I can send you a picture! Or you can contact my email address

  16. Hello! 868t20s as TX (ground) connected tx/aux for configure, rx not work, its normal?
    As rx (air) i need connect tx/aux for configure and tx/rx for telemetry?

  17. Hi. I’m planning to use E32 915T30D for my pixhack drone. For recieving telemetry + joystick control of the drone over telemetry option.
    Is that possible.

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