QCZEK LRS – 433/868MHz 1W (30dBm) LORA RC LINK with telemetry

I always wanted to build my own RC link, better (or cheaper at least) then available solutions.

It also should be lightweight, not Arduino based and soldering should not be required, basically it should be based on existing and available hardware :).

And finally i found E32-TTL-1W serial rf link based on LORA SX1278 spread spectrum RF chip, and stm8L MCU, which would be re flashed by my firmware.

It manufactured by http://www.cdebyte.com/en/. More specification you can find here

First task’s to find out how it’s build

And what’s MCU pin mapping (with little help from manufacture site 😉

And SPI and RF switches/PA debugging….

Next thing’s to read LORA SX1278 chip specification, install STM8 cosmic compiler, do a lot of testing,  and to finally we have working QCZEK LRS 🙂

Read QCZEK LRS – technical specification to find out more.