Making QLRS lightest

This is quick guide, showing how to replace SMA connector by tiny U.FL used for 868MHz FrSky antennas, and make really small Qczek LRS RX. The hardest past of modification is SMA connector removal. I did it using hot air… Next very important thing (don’t forget about it) is removal part of RF signal trace. […]

Qczek LRS Meets Taranis X-Lite

This is quick guide how to use QLRS with Taranis X-Lite using 3d printed module case designed by me. First thing you should know, is that X-Lite does not support 9ms PXX protocol like Taranis X9D does, so you will need to use PPM output which is a little bit slower, but suitable for long […]

Taranis X-Lite 5 positions switch

One of the missing features of FrSky Taranis X-Lite is small number of switches, which are really useful for FPV flights (the 2nd is crappy electronics design, totally not immune for 433MHz radio modules ;). I love my Taranis X-9D equipped with 6 position rotary switch which is ideal for selecting flight mode. So i […]