4 thoughts on “868MHz band supported :)

  1. Good day, Krzysztof Kuczek!

    I was tested 868 mhz version during two weeks. Its work fine.
    One important bug found. When PPM signal was disconnected from TX module, receiver didn’t switch in failsave mode.
    Minor bug. Every 2-10 min (randomly), signal was lost for 1-2 sec (may be hardware module problem).
    After often switch on \ switch off TX module (~1-2 sec on\ 1-2 sec off), stayed as brick and became very hot, without any RF signal transmitting. (may be hardware module problem). For RX module in this test no problem was found. Modules was powered thru stepdown converter (12V to 5.03V).

    New 868 module will coming soon, and I will test it again.

  2. Dear Krzysztof Kuczek
    I have about 15-20 sec for flashing (qczek_lrs_hw_6.2_868_master_v1.10_BETA_P_CPPM_P_PXX.s19) STM, after that time SX chip became extremely hot, and heated the STM chip to high temperatures. It seems the SX127X chip problem. I think this is an isolated incident for CDSENET yellow 868mhz module. Soon new 868mhz module will arrived. I will test it again and will prepare full review to rc forum.

    1. Yes,
      Maybe hardware issue, i have never experience such a problems…
      Btw, please use lates (1.50) version instead of old one…

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