LDARC 450X – 118 gram FPV PLANE

I was wondering how small FPV plane can be build, and decided to check it. As a air frame I used LDARC 450X foam plane, which is very small, but big enough to mount FPV gear. And everything ready to flight (including 450mAh 2s lipo) weights only 118g 🙂

So, we have following stuff on the board:

  • 20x20mm HAKRC MiniF4 F4 Flight Controller – running arduplane which you have to compile by your self, cause binary version is not available now 😉
  • BN-180 GPS
  • QCZEK LRS 868MHz 100mW with FrSky 868MHz antenna
  • 6A Turnigy ESC
  • 2x Blue Arrow High Speed Digital MG Micro Servo 20T 0.5kg / .06sec / 3g from hobbyking
  • Multistar V-Spec 1104-3600KV Multi-Rotor Motor (CW) from hobbyking, with LDARC stock propeller.
  • Gaoneng 450mAh HV 7.6V 80C 2S1P
  • Eachine VTX03 with camera from broken Eachine TX01

And to be honest, it flies amazing, I’m really happy with this little wing, which acts as a much bigger plane. It’s easy to lunch and 6km total distance on 450mAh little 2s battery is quite impressive.

Take a look…

Video quality is not the best, but telemetry make possible even longer missions without video. I would try next time how it works ;). Anyway you can always use telemetry data to visualize your journey.

And some more pictures of my tiny FPV wing.

And arduplane settings, you asked 🙂 http://qczek.beyondrc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/ldarc450_arduplane_setup.zip

19 thoughts on “LDARC 450X – 118 gram FPV PLANE

  1. Impressive micro build !
    Which board parameter do you use for build configuration ? Do you create a custom target? I’m interested in, cause i have an F4 mini on inav, and i want to migrate it on arduplane. Have a nice day

  2. Fantastic! It is possible compile fw also for arducopter? I have the some board on 90mm quad and betaflight and I want to try with arducopter. Thanks

  3. What are those orange dots on the front edge outside ends of the ar wing? Looks like a shock cord maybe?

  4. Hello, can I use this little FC in 4 CH (throttle, left & right aileron, elevator) with arduplane? I’m using it on my nano goblin with inav that hard config s1 & s2 for throttle and s3 & s4 for aileron. Thinking to buy the zohd drift but it require another servo output for elevator. Thanks.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I’m reading the documentation now, can’t say thank enough for you binary file.

  5. So I loaded the AP_Bootloader.bin in DFU mode by using

    dfu-util -a 0 –dfuse-address 0x08000000 -D AP_Bootloader.bin -R

    The board now is recognized as HackRC-MiniF4-BL under Universal Serial Bus devices

    But nothing on COM port, and I can’t not load the firmware by Mission Planner.

    Can you please show me how to load the arduplane.bin? All the guide I found show how to deal with .hex file but not .bin in your zip.


      1. The betaflight configurator accept *.config;*.hex while your file is arduplane.bin. I can’t load that arduplane.bin to configurator.

  6. Hey qczek, I managed to upload the firmware .bin with qground control. Thank you very much for your help.

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