14 thoughts on “QCZEK LRS Config Tool is ready

  1. Hello,
    It looks like you’ve already done (or are in the process of) doing exactly what I have planned, except I want to configure the LoRa devices for 458MHz.
    Would you be willing to share the firmware such that I can compile it for this frequency, or perhaps just assist in some of the SPI debugging? I’d be very interested hearing back from you!

  2. Hi,
    The source code is not open sourced and will not be available 🙁
    But you can choose what ever freq you want, just using existing bin firmware.
    What kind of SPI problem you have?

  3. to save which button configuration is pressed, send to device or write to eeprom? and for the connection between the module and the st-link is the same as when flashing the firmware?
    sorry my english is not smooth

  4. I have one TX module and two RXs and on all, I am getting “error during saving to EPROM! Follow the instructions step by step, and no luck. Does anyone ran into this issue?

  5. Hi Kris,

    I was reading your post about
    but couldn’t find any place to ask question on that page. So i am asking here.

    Could you please share a link to the good and cheap RF power meter board and a directional coupler to use it on this project? Can i use this ebay item no. 264492862942 ?


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