QCZEK LRS is working very well :)

Finally I found time to test it.

It’s working very well, no single fails safe during whole flight, mavlink telemetry is forwarded via blue tooth to DroidPlanner, so you can track your UAV in realtime.

There was only one issue, the video was sometimes disturbed, especially when trying to use more then 200mW RF power 😉 There is need to check video wiring.

Find out more about QCZEK LRS.


4 comments on “QCZEK LRS is working very well :)

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    Nice blog read with interest!! I think LRS with good potential!

    Would it be possible to have Sbus out instead CPPM?
    Would be possible to increase the datarate (at least for the first 4 channels) and have faster update rates? (and trade off some of it’s range) maybe something to be configurable, depending on the use?
    That way it could possibly also be used for racing drones in difficult environments buidings etc.
    It should work better than 2.4ghz.

  2. - Post author

    Hi Fernandez,
    Hi, sbus is quite problematic, because hardware limitation. There is no free serial port and logic inverter to implement sbus. I can think about software implementation, but personally i don’t like it :(.
    There is of course possibility to increase data rate, but it will reduce receiving sensitivity. I will try to implement it as a option in next releases.

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    The E31-TTL-2W seems to use different RF chip…

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