22 thoughts on “Enjoy new 2.11 version of Qczek LRS, as I did today morning :)

  1. Hi qczec ! Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm . Have some problems with
    T868B_P_SBUS_T_SPORT_V2.11.s19 firmware . Module is E32 868T20D . I am not able get into config mode after flashing . Config tool is not working and if I tried to open putty session at 4800 and send {ParGetAll} I am geting no response . Sure I put M1 to ground before .

    If I reflash same module with R868B_T_MAVLINK_P_CPPM_P_SBUS_V2.11.s19 and bridge M0 and M1 config mode works fine both in configurator tool and putty session .

    if I reflash same modeule with old T868B_P_SBUS_T_SPORT_V1.92.s19 and put M1 to ground – config works without any problems . Any idea ?

  2. I found what is wrong – changed pin assigment since 2.10 on TX module . There is no much information about it . so actual pin assigment in 2.10 is

    module RX — SBUS input
    module TX – RX telemetry and config at 4800
    module AUX – TX telemetry and config at 4800

    1. Hi qczec! How do you comment this? Is it true? I had some similar problem, but I could connect when AUX pulled to the ground. Also I can’t setup finally, I don’t know the reason. But what about RX and TX did you swap them?

      1. Why do you pull AUX to the gnd?
        For tx module, AUX works as serial RX, because hardware RX is used for sbus input….

  3. Hi Qczek, Any chance that you share the processor type and pin connections that you use in your code, If the processor can be sourced then we can use any SX1278 module with an external processort board (blue pill perhaps) with your software..

    1. No problem, i can share it with you, and it was already shared.
      I can also compile version for any pin assignment, but please note that it is stm8 not stm32 architecture.

  4. Hi Qczek! Is it possible to use a 1-W module (like a E45-TTL-1W 868 MHz) as a transmitter, and a 100-mW (like a E32-868T20S) as a receiver? Will they be compatible and work?

  5. Hello,
    Very good job. Does it support the frequency of 915m? Does E22-900M30S firmware support it?

  6. Hi dear colegs
    I have program E32 868 T30S and E32868 T30d by 2.1 and 2.11 resultat zero not working (no any signal from module)
    but with 1.92 all working not so good as i wish but working- not posible tuned telemetry
    and also befoore it i have proramed E32 915 T 30D by 2.1 it is working exlelent with telemetry
    May be problem with new moduls ? (maybe сhines peaple changed same things in the modules)
    Please help me
    Looking forward to your advice

    1. Good afternoon, Konstantin! I faced the same problem! The E32 868T30D module refuses to work with firmware higher than 2.0. I think we are not the only happy owners of these boards. I think the problem is that the new firmware lacks some kind of protocol needed to start the HF part of the module. Dear Qczek, please help in solving this problem, except for you no one does the firmware. Qczek Pimp my copter)))

  7. Hello. Thanks for your hard work. I have a question. For the new version 2.11 there is no setup program to download. What program can I use to configure? If you can, give instructions on how to set it up. I have a 915MHz lore. Thanks.

  8. Hello! After researching a little bit and getting myself E32 433T30D pair I wanted to use flash QCZEK Lrs to them and test it.
    Howewer, I was wondering if it is possible to use QLRS only as mavlink brige? (like standart 433 SiK radio)
    For example: 5.8 ghz for video, 2.4 ghz for rc and 433 ghz for telemetry.
    The goal is to get the mavlink direct control over the model from Mission Planner like with Dragonlink and still have separate frequency for the rc… more frequencies … more bandwidth.
    Is it possible?

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