18 thoughts on “SPort Telemetry Support is comming

  1. Hello. Make more channel range rssi (snr) in the channel. To work from 990 to 2000

  2. Is the air side and ground side module connection the same with the Sport wire connected to the M0 pin?

    1. Sorry i don’t get what you mean ?
      Try to describe what is your goal, do you want to use s port telemetry connected to RX?

  3. I’m trying to use qlrs with matek f411 fc running inav but having problems with getting sport telemetry working. I need to make sure the connections are correct before checking other things. Can I email you directly?

  4. Hi,

    Can you please assemble
    for any (or both 1.0/6.0) HW ver of 100mW modules?
    Thanks in advance.


  5. Hello could you collect.



    1. Hi Oleg,
      I think you can use the 868MHz version for 915Mhz modules, check the rcgroup, some tested it with success as far as i remember.
      have a nice day

      1. If you use 868 firmware. The frequency modules will remain 915 or will become 868?

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