QLRS – new release :)

Firmware Version 1.91 What’s new/fixed: Support for FrSky Smart Telemetry in slave mode. Find out more QCZEK LRS – SPORT TELEMETRY Rebuild SBUS input driver Improved sport update frequency. Solved problem with partially missed telemetry data Solved problem with inverted pitch angle send via sport Doubled frequency of GPS coordination sending via telemetry link When […]

New QLRS version supporting FrSky sport available for download

Enjoy 🙂 What’s new/fixed: support for FrSky smart port telemetry (see QCZEK LRS – SPORT TELEMETRY) fixed problem with frequency of receiving/sending telemetry frequency fixing possible problem with RX boot, after reset done by watchdog timer code size optimization support for mavlink HOME_POSITION (necessary both TX/RX serial port connection, to make possible reqesting home possition […]

New version of QCZEK LRS firmware available

Time to release new firmware 🙂 What’s new: support for old and new modules (hw version 1.1 for old, and 6.2 for new one) firmware compiled with -odM4 flag which disable faulty optimization serial port speed can be set new telemetry mode is available, you can directly connect uBlox GPS and use it. new parameter […]