LRS Moxon antenna v2 (tuned)

I recently bought simple sweep spectrum analyzer, and now i can measure and tune all my antennas.

Moxon antenna i made was not so good tuned as expected, so I made another one.

Now it looks much better 🙂




Please note, that frequency should be multiplied by 10.

You can download stl files there.

Radiator dimensions should be like below.



Good luck 🙂

9 thoughts on “LRS Moxon antenna v2 (tuned)

  1. Impressive work qczek!,
    Thanks for dimensions, you made it so easy, even for people who don’t have access to 3d printer, appreciate your work.

    1. Hi,
      I calculated it for 1280MHz, but i can’t recall which software’s used. Next i measure freq. and did some size adjustments.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the great info and pictures, very easy to build.
    Any chance you can provide plans for 915 – 930 Mhz Moxon ?

    thanks, Eddi

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